I want to personally thank you for visiting our website and considering us as a potential partner. A great partnership with the right organization can have an incredible impact on your business success and it’s important that you know us.

We opened our first office in 1989 at Hebron, a Palestinian city located in the southern west bank of Jerusalem to help small business owners stay tax compliant. It has been more than 25 years our network of business and tax advisors are assisting owners with tax support and many more. Today, we have expanded our services to UAE and soon we will have our presence in OMAN.

We believe what drives great firms are great people, our men and woman are highly passionate about service and all the team members communicate closely with clients, have discussions from multiple perspectives and offer tailored advices. Our auditing team consists of CPAs with high level experience and all the team members exchange opinions on a professional level within the team. Through such unrestricted discussion, we offer efficient, cost-effective and relationship-focused services to our clients.

Today, UAE has become a global centre for business, trade and finance with the advancement of technology and diversified economy. As we head towards 2020 Our operating environment is expected to change dramatically over the coming years and we will continue to transform ourselves and take on new challenges with the aim of creating a solid operating platform that can deliver consistent growth in any market environment. However, our philosophy of placing clients at the heart of everything we do will remain unchanged.

Mr Mahmoud Al Badarine

CEO & Founder Chairman